ADMISSION NOTICE FOR B.Ed. COURSE (2014-15) . 100 Seats ! Hurry !
Application Form can be procured from the college office by making payment of Rs. 500/- in cash. Duly filled in Form with relevent documents as undr must be submitted personally or by post to the college office.
Challange of today is rapidly growing bargaining mechanism in institutions being a form of admission, capitation, development etc. are the constraints of development, with a view to address these issues, this college was sprouted in the year of 2008, amilestone in the area.
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Jamini Kant B.Ed College strives to encourage,educate and enable a person with special emphasis on to cater the process of professional education as a liberating force to achieve the set of knowledge,skills,values and behaviour in the class room,school and society. 
  1. Broad understanding of Teaching & Education Issues.

  2. Formulating development of Teacher's Skills and Technique.

  3. Creating more knowledgeable and successful teachership.

  4. Self awareness as a teacher and leader.

  5. Increasing confidence in all aspects of a development.

  6. Creating & Empowering of Committd Teachers, who will command Respect at all times it is based on skill sets, attitude, knowledge and behavior.
The college having 2.20 Acres of well demarcated land. Libraray equipped with 3500 text, reference and general books,Educational & general journals. Play ground - for Playing Differnt Types of Outdoor Games. Safe Drinking Water - Healthy & Pure to have. Parking Facility.
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